Timing of visa application

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I can see that the Tech Nation Guide says that “work done solely to support the timing of your application are unacceptable”.

My question is: What is the minimum time you would recommend after which it would be the best to apply? Will work done during the past 7 - 8 months be considered close to the application

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it’s not explicitly stated in the guideline, however based on other rejection and endorsement feedback, you should be able to use the evidence, ensuring it is aligned appropriately to adhere to the guidelines

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I think if you have other evidence showing your work in different years, and a single evidence showing 6-7 month, I believe it won’t suggest your evidence are close to the timing of your application. The idea I believe is from discouraging people who don’t have a track record of contributions to the sector from doing recent activities just for the sake of applying for GTV.

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Great! Thank you @May!