Timing between 1st and 2nd stage

Can someone confirm that I’m correct in thinking that if I am endorsed (Stage 1) I have three months to apply for the visa (Stage 2) and during this process it will ask me my anticipated arrival date. This date can be anytime in the future.

I’d like to apply now but I don’t plan on arriving until June 1. That is okay, correct?

Searching in the forums there are some comments that the timeline between State 1 and BRP must not be longer then 3 months.

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I found my answer in the stage 2 forum:


Do you know how long BRP stays in the post office you choose? I plan to enter the UK to get my BRP and come back to my home country and move when I find a job.

can we come back to home country after getting BRP?

Also in how many days we have to go back to UK , is there any mandatory days gap?

You can do this. Just ensure you meet the 180 days require after you move in fully.