Time taking on endorsement Stage 1 completed 6 weeks

Hi There,
Good day !

I submitted my stage 1 application on Dec 6th 2021 on Data Analyst/Reporting, still now i haven’t received any feedback from Endorsement team , Does any one have idea why they are taking time.


Hi @GR1978,

This is most likely due to the fact that the endorsement team went on break during the holidays. This probably means that there’s be a lot of backlog of submissions for them to review (including yours). So what I’d say is that you relax. You definitely would hear from them within the 8 week period as stated on the brochure.

I hope you get a positive response.



Thanks a for quick reply will wait for it

I think you should contact the home office, this is unusual.

Hi Francisca,
Good day!

This is 6th week running, still you want me to contact Home office?

Thanks for your reply


Yes. I think you should contact home office just incase tech nation didn’t get you application.