Time Frame for LOR + IHS Inquires

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  1. Please I would like to know how old can a recommendation be. I started putting together my application earlier this year and would just be submitting my application this month. My letters of recommendation were written in April and May 2020. Hope the dates are not too far behind? If yes, can I post date these letters?

  2. If I am endorsed for 5 years under the exceptional promise. Can I pay for 3 years IHS and be granted a 3 years visa which I can extend later on.


Hi Ibukun, I am not sure of the response to your LOR, as far as I am aware, there is no part of the guideline suggesting a timeframe for the Letter, however, if you can get a more recent letter.

Yes, you can pay IHS for three years and extend later.

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Thanks for the response.

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Hi ibukunoluwa,

Did you mean May 2021 ? I don’t think that is so bad but I would say a letter from May 2020 is certainly too too old.

For IHS, the last time I checked, the surcharge automatically picks up the number of years of Visa you are applying for.
My understanding is when your visa expires you will need to go through the renewal process. (Is it worth the stress. Simply paying for 5 years under promise seems easier to me?)

The good news is that the IHS is not due until you have gotten your endorsement at stage 1 and almost certainly guaranteed the Visa.

This is my opinion. It is not legal advice.

Thanks for the response.
Yes, I meant to write 2021.