This is how I got my Endorsement under Promise Route (AI/ML Engineer)

Hi All,

This is Tamil Selvan here!!!

First of all, I would like to thank this forum for supporting all the folks there who help us to achieve our life-changing Global Talent Visa. I am adding my story and tips here for the other folks who can represent their work very well.

The All-time Magic Book that you need is TechNation Guidelines:

I read this guideline for N number of times to understand and fit my experience and work to relate that I am an exception promise candidate. So, read the guidelines & get a notepad and write down which sentence links you the most and relate your evidence accordingly.

My field/domain: AI & Machine Learning
My Total Years of Experience: 4 Years
Applied For: Global Talent Visa under Exceptional Promise Route

Like Vecna(Stranger Things) you have 4 gates to open the Global Talent Visa.

1. 10 pieces of evidence
2. 3 LORs
3. CV
4. Personal Statment

As follows,

1. 10 pieces of evidence

Mandatory Criteria

  • Document 1: I worked full-time on a globally recognized project in data analytics where I was leading a team and responsible for client connections and running the project
  • Document 2: Proof of Employment for Document 1 & Reference Letter from a Leading industry expert (US) on the client side who spoke about my talent & leadership skills.
  • Document 3: I worked and lead the research project under a contract from outside of my day-to-day job and I have submitted the GitHub links & Reference Letter from the Head of initiative (India) from that company.
  • Document 4: I worked on a core algorithm developing the project under a contract from outside of my day-to-day job and I have submitted the GitHub links & Reference Letter from the CEO (Singapore) of the company.

Optional Criteria 2

  • Document 5: Showcased all my open source contributions, a python package released, number of downloaded from PyPi, Stackoverflow profile with 1300 reputations and Medium Article about Metaverse

Optional Criteria 3

  • Document 6: I showed how I started my full-time career in a startup company, How did make an impact on the AI product and how did I grow the team inside.
  • Document 7: Proof of Employment for Document 6 & Reference Letter from a manager(India) who validates my skills and leadership skills.
  • Document 8: I have built one of the AI modules in the product which had a huge technical impact and the client news links about the module
  • Document 9: I have built one of the AI crypto-related modules in the product and showcased to them how did I make an impact by providing proofs of git commit history and emails.
  • Document 10: Proof of Employment for Documents 8 and 9 & Reference Letter from a senior software developer (India) who validates my skills/contributions/impact and leadership skills.

2. 3 LORs

  • LOR from Product Manager who was working & managing me in the startup with full-time employment
  • LOR from Senior Software engineer & Manager who is managing the team in my current organization
  • LOR from my mentor, manager and senior engineer who was handling me in two of research contracts

3. CV

  • It is a general/ classical resume that I have for 3 pages and includes all my work experience, certifications, achievements, skills, language and personal projects.

4. Personal Statment

Personal Statment is like Max Mayfield (the last gate)

It is a very important part of all. The overall image of your application is a Personal statement. Question yourself why the UK needs you? Do they really need you? You should correlate all your evidence and your motive, things you impact in the UK by relating your past experience and add concrete terms like UK’s global statistics and how those statistics relate your skills to that. Write it like you are writing to yourself and refine it.

Apart from this, you have

Tips to follow:

  • Provide possible GitHub, code commit history as possible ( if is a private repo, provide the screenshot of our code commit history)
  • Give a proper timeline throughout the docs, so that the accessor can understand much better to connect the dots.
  • Remember, in the IT work scenario, it is always hard to give a KT to your new folks, so think about an accessor who will read your incomplete evidence without giving a proper introduction or scope of that document.
  • Explain everything !!! even tell that ‘xxx121’ user is your profile in the Github commit
  • Read your documents as if like you are an alien to that document so that you can know all the areas you have to explain
  • Include stats, and references as possible through links
  • Provide correct conversion of GBP to your salaries and compare your salary with glass door and other reputed site sources.
  • In the end, you keep one thing in mind, you are the narrator here!!, you have to run a show to the accessor so that he should know, and understands the impacts, skills and situations of your work.

Note: Never!! Ever write a document like Christopher Nolan’s movie, you don’t want, your accessor to find new things every time and confused to conclude.

So be like Walter White!! "I am not in the Document, I am the Document !!! "

Stage 1 Application Timeline

Total Documents Preparation Time: 2 - 3 months
Application to Tech Nation: 14th JUNE 2022
Endorsement Received from Home office: 7th JULY 2022 (3 weeks + 3 days)

Stage 2 Application Timeline

Visa Application to UK Home Office: 12th JULY 2022
VFS Global/Biometric Appointment: 18th JULY 2022
Visa Received: 4th AUGUST 2022

All the best !!!


Your post reads like a movie script. Congratulations and thanks for sharing these tips.

With this movie script you have shared above I think you deserve another endorsement for arts and culture :blush:


ha ha !!! thanks for the words mate !!!


Thanks for the post and details @Tamil_Selvan. Congratulations for your endorsement :slight_smile: .


Well captured! This is super helpful!


Dear Tamil first and foremost congratulations. Please now start to prepare for taking questions from many like me directly on LinkedIn etc. You have summarised all these details in a very amazing format of all criteria.


love to help @atique_597!!!



Can you also provide the timeline for your application, i.e., when you applied and when you got endorsed @Tamil_Selvan


Congratulations @Tamil_Selvan!!!

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hey thanks @chiamaka_okenwa, I have updated the timeline above, please have a look at it mate.

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I wish you good luck trying to help folks on Linkedin, it is takes a lot of time to do this. I would encourage you to volunteer and respond to questions on this forum. If we all respond to people directly, we would not have the amount of resource on this forum that has supported folks like you on your journey. I get loads of Linkedin request, if I have to respond to individuals, I would not have time for my day job, so i ask folks to send their questions here so we can all learn.


Exactly, i was thinking the same actually. It is true and people do come up with different backgrounds and wanted to solve their problems…if it is open , all of them can learn. Yes, let me do that and remove my LinkedIn profile, actually.


Exactly! people expect you to have answers even when it is not your field. If you have the time, it is Ok to guide people with profiles similar to yours via Linkedin, even at that, it takes a lot of time to do so and others with similar profile can’t learn from your feedback.


Dude. Congratulations!!

I have been here on this forum for a while now, but wasn’t ready for an application. I will take time to do this!

Thanks a lot for a detailed list of all stages/ documents.



Hey @Sandeep, all the best for your Application man. Remember every word counts for the success of the application. Starting from the LORs, how they speak about you and your documents, and how well you represent your evidence to the assessor about your impact.

Can I email you? If yes, please provide your email address.

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Congratulations, Tamil! :smiley:

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Thanks a lot @somdipdey :innocent:

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Congratulations @Tamil_Selvan
I am happy for you.

And thanks for the guide.
@Francisca_Chiedu… Thanks for always being there to help


Thanks for the words @Yusuf_Adebanjo