Technical concern with Letters of Recommendation

I’ve received all of my LORs, which are less than 3 sides of the A4 sheet. How should I add their CV and DocuSign log file?

If I append it to the PDF, it’ll have more than 5 pages. Will that be fine?

@Francisca_Chiedu kindly help

yes, the CVi not included in the page limit.

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Thanks a lot @Francisca_Chiedu :slight_smile: , I guess that’s my final concern, going to submit my application tomorrow

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what is the other proof of author’s credentials that the endorsing body Tech Nation will accept for reference letter if I am not puttng CV in the last page ? Can Linkedin URL of author mentioned in reference letter work ?

Most people use linkedin URL and put it in the letter.

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Thanks @Francisca_Chiedu

Can I join Reference letter and work experience letter in the same evidence ? I mean 2 page reference letter and 1 page work experience letter

I don’t understand your question.

I am getting evidence of OC3 criteria…so want to include 3 documents as evidence.
In one document of 3 pages, I want to include the reference letter and employment letter in the same
In second, I want to include the employment contract of the product led digital company that I worked for
In third , I want to include significant contribution details such as architecture diagram, my contribution etc etc

just to clarify… 2 page reference letter and `1 page employment letter