Technation visa application

Hello all

Please i need your assistance on one of the mandatory criteria for technation visa application. One of the evidence i have for my mandatory criteria is an award given to me by my tech company in the uk here as I am a cybersecurity person and I have recommendation from my company director to back it up. Please will this be sufficient for my application? My gross salary is also 50k pounds per annum. Please i will be waiting for your reply

internal company award is not suitable for the mandatory criterion.

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Thanks for your reply francisca,
I am a bit confused on the mandatory criteria i have for the endorsement which is the award given to me by a group of clients and industry experts in my former company. This award given to me is called the cyber stand out award which talks about my contribution towards threat intelligence and building of a cyber threat hunting dashboard and also writing of an internal blog.

Please what do u think, thank u

Is the said award You nationally or internationally recognised in the digital technology sector?

Thats what i dont know, the name of the award is the cyber stand out award

if you know know then it is means the award is not of national or international standing. If the ward doesn’t ring a bell to you, how much more an assessor. Fro you post, it is not a sectoral award. If you decide to youse it get the organisation to write a reference letter relating to the award.