Tech Nation Visa Rejection Unclear Work status

Hello good day all,

I applied for the technation visa under the exceptional promise route, and my application was rejected on the grounds that they couldn’t ascertain if my company were a product-driven company , or consulting firm amongst other issues, I intend to appeal this as my company has a product used across different African countries and I believe I meet the requirement required for the exceptional promise router

I would paste some evidence and gather other documents to substantiate my claims, but I’d need advice on the best route and approach to go about this, please kindly find the reason for the rejection below

@Francisca_Chiedu please kindly advise, I can see you are quite experienced in recommending good advise in this regards.

What’s your list of evidence?

Thank you for your response @Francisca_Chiedu

Some of the evidence include

Panel Individual assesment evidence
Evidence to show I was a lead a team
high salary evidence
Nonprofit Contribution evidence

financial account of otgan evidence
domestic international sales evidence
job earnings evidence

Letter of Impact
Organizational impact

I’d also add I work in the telecoms industry where we tend to hundreds of thousands of customers daily, with a tech product.

Well it depends on the quality of the evidence.

Okay thanks, what can you advise on writing a review, that would be considered, I strongly believe I am a good fit for this endorsement

I would also keep you posted when I’m done gathering the required documents and writing a review

also to what extent can I present new documents to support my application,

Can I also add a different recommendation letter, thank you.

You need to demonstrate that the panel review and nonprofit are both recognised and sector leading content. Give more details about your involvement and how this demonstrates you are a recognised leader. In your review you need to show how your evidence suggests you are a leader, for innovation I honestly don’t see how your evidence show innovation, just showing financial statement doesn’t say much. Besides you are an employee not a founder or executive, you didn’t provide evidence to show you work in new digital field, If you did then explain how it is novel. Aside letter of impact from organisation what else did you show as proof of impact?

Okay thanks, I would elaborate more to panel on the nonprofit projects I was involved in, and how I contributed in details

To show I was a leader, I shared some system design flow diagrams I created, and emails acknowledging my role as a technical team lead, also I added a letter of promotion and salary increase.

To prove I made an impact I showed emails of acknowledgment of a job well done regarding the applications I worked on and some code snippets, I think I’d need advice on this

Also to show innovation, I just shared the apps I worked on, for the review I’d look for documents that show it was the first of its kind , and the most widely used telco app in Nigeria.


For the impact just showing emails is not enough. What’s the metrics used to show your impact.

I showed the performance of the applications I had worked on as a team leader with over a million downloads, I also showed some data showing monthly and daily transactions in millions of dollars, I also intend to share some additional data to support this.