Tech Nation stage 2 application as Exceptional Talent (Clarity on dependent and Duration that visa should be applied for)

Hi guys! I just got my endorsement from Tech Nation as Exceptional Talent. I have two questions about stage 2

  1. For how long should I apply visa for? (Is it 3 years or 5 years)
  2. My wife will be traveling to the UK as my dependant. But she will be coming later after I settle. In that case, should I state that she is traveling with me to the UK? If I say no on the visa application now, is it possible for me to add her as a dependent later?

If you can afford it apply for a five year visa so that your wife can get five years and she won’t need to renew her visa. You wife can join you later, don’t have to say she’s traveling with you if she’s not coming immediately. By the way, the immigration health surcharge will go up by 66% this month so you need to apply as soon as possible.


Thank you so much for the clarification! :slight_smile: Really helpful