Tech Nation Recommendation

Hi, I’m at the process of applying for tech nation endorsement. Just wondering if a CTO in a consultancy firm can recommend me for tech nation endorsement? I have previously worked with him and he’s familiar with my work


I would avoid using a CTO as some assessor my interpret it differently.

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So CEOs only? I thought the CTO of a top startup should be able to? Please discuss your perspective or reasons more. Thanks

The bone of contention here is using a CTO in a consultancy firm.

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Thanks for the clarification @Francisca_Chiedu. Can a Lecturer in my formal university recommend me based on academic performance and industry experience? He’s a Dr from a university in the UK. Thanks

It is not a strong recommendation. If you are not a PhD applicant this may not work well. Best to use experts in the industry.

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Managers at outsourcing / consulting firms are considered unsuitable by TN