Tech nation endorsement stage 1

Hello everyone, I am a recent graduate in Cyber Security in the UK and I currently have the graduate route visa. I want to switch from the graduate route to the Global Talent visa. I am also a women in stem advocate where I provide young women and girls mentorship’s in STEM areas under a civil society. I have already got three recommendations letter. However I am panicking as I don’t know what type of documents to submit as evidence of the 10 documents.

Can someone help me suggest what documents I need for the 10 evidences

Have you read tech nation guide?

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Hi, just like @Francisca_Chiedu rightly mentioned, do go through the tech nation guide; Tech Nation Visa Guide - Tech Nation.

You can start with doing a list of what your professional history has been like and then begin to segment them into what speaks to each of the criteria based on what the tech nation guide reguires. This in my opinion is a good place to start.

What I have learnt so far is not to be in a hurry, and do not panic. You want to make your one shot count.

Importantly, take your time to gather your evidence and be true to yourself with it.

I am also at this stage and I can assure you that what to do only gets clearer with time.

Good luck!