TB certificate delayed and required submission

My son appointment booking with the Health Accessment Center was 24hrs to the UK visa application booking. After the chest x-ray, he was asked to go for stupum production test and as a result he wasn’t issued a TB certificate. He needed to proceed for the visa application the following day without having TB certificate as part of his mandatory documents required to be submitted for visa processing.

He later got an email few days after submitting the visa application that TB certificate wasn’t submitted that he should submit it before 10 working days or contact to explain the cause of the delays

The TB test result will be out in 8 Weeks time

What can one do at this juncture please?.


You should withdraw the application and apply when it is available. If not the application may be refused.

Thanks for your swift response. I will like to ask how possible for the application to be withdrawn since I’ve already submitted it and and later got the mail from the visa decision making office stating that I should submit the TB certificate. This is because, according to their T&C, one can only council the application 48 hours to the appointment booking. I proceeded to submit the application because the time interval between the TB X-RAY test and the appointment booking was just 24hrs. I didn’t envisage any challenge during the chest x-ray and that’s why I arranged the TB test booking and Visa Application booking to be 24hrs interval

Kindly guide me through please. Thanks

You need to respond that there’s a delay in getting the result and request to withdraw your application, if not you will get a refusal. Withdrawal in this instance means you will lose the visa fee.