Talent vs promise

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I have a scenario. Let’s say if i am not sure about my innovation being strong enough to get endorsement, but I have more than 5 years of experience. Can i go for exceptional promise instead of exceptional talent to increase my chances of getting endorsed? In short, the question is whether it’s easier to get exceptional promise over exceptional talent?

Hi @abd,

The right question is which criteria can you qualify for. This will help you to understand whether you should apply for promise or talent. One is not either then the other. They both are aimed for people with a relevant background.

I eloborate more on this here https://youtu.be/SPAtHhsdBy0 in part “Talent or Promise?”

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Thanks @herman.komashko.
Is there anyway to find few examples of successful applications? that could help to understand the innovation part better?

I think the only way to see successful examples would be to find someone who is OK to provide those.
There’re caveats though:

  • what has worked for one person will not necessarily work for another;
  • what was a satisfactory piece of evidence a year (or even a month) ago will not necessarily still be satisfactory

The other thing is that if you feel uncomfortable with what kind of evidence you have for the Tech Nation it may indicate that your case is not strong enough.

I have my personal (entirely subjective) heuristic here: a candidate who is likely to be endorsed will usually have no issues altogether to secure Tier 2 visa as there’s a line of employers who are eager to get her/him on board. Similarly, such candidate knows exactly what kind of contribution to the industry she/he has done and telling a story and providing evidence for this is usually not a challenge.

Usual disclaimer: I don’t work for Tech Nation and neither I am representing Tech Nation

Hi @abd
‘More than 5 years of experience’ is quite open-ended - is it 6 or 15?
The criteria for both routes are anyways - same. Just the lens through which your application gets looked at, probably varies a bit.
My take on this is, that whatever you decide between promise or talent - the final decision on how to treat your application is at the discretion of Tech Nation. So, would suggest, as part of the application, make a case of why you think your application should be treated under promise, and not under talent!
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Neither of them are easy. Regarding your confusion about talent or promise, you can leave it to the power that be judging your application as it is standard practice that applying on any of them does not preclude you from being endorsed in another. Choose one which you lean more towards.

My suggestion is simple - put your best work forward. Whatever you have done in your career so far, pick the ones that you believe are most innovative and present them in a way that the panel can both understand what the innovation was, and what your role in it was. At least that’s what I did.

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