Talent Visa Rejection - Proforma


Need some assistance on talent visa rejection and proforma details for endorsement review.

I have received an email from Home office that my application for the Global talent visa has been rejected. Tech Nation has advised that I do not meet their criteria for Exceptional Talent. The home office emailed mentioning that I would receive a separate email on the Global Talent Proforma detailing the reasons why the Endorsement Application has not been approved. But Its been more than two days, however I haven’t received any email on the Proforma ( I have checked my Junk folder also).

Can anyone please advise from where I can find download the Proforma, I don’t see anything on the Talent nation website also except my application which I submitted. Can I email the Home office to find out the same so I can check the reasons for the rejection and see I can resubmit for a review.

Thanks for your support.


I think you can (and probably should) email the Home Office ASAP. Without the proforma you don’t really know what happened and how you can fix this.

Usually the proforma comes in the same day after the rejection letter.

Hi Arun
Sorry to hear about your rejection.
Have you checked your Spam folder of the same email ID? The proforma is a PDF attachment, auto-generated on the same day that you received the rejection email.
All the best for your review

did they say why it was rejected, what category you applied under, Technical or business? Share your experiences and qualification, just curious why it rejected? I am planning to apply soon, but not sure if i would get it?

Do you happen to receive the proforma? Can you share the reason for rejection? Did you appeal or re-apply?