Switching Visa: How long do you want to be granted? - Stage 2

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I have been recently endorsed for the Global Talent Exceptional Promise by the Tech Nation.
I need some insights regarding the following question asked in the Stage 2 application form on the gov.uk website.

In the application form, in “Sub-category of leave” it asks, “How long do you want to be granted?” with 1 to 5 years option to select from.

It also share in the application form “Global Talent applicants can have a maximum of 5 years leave granted at a time. You must pay the relevant Immigration Health Surcharge with the length of leave granted to you, or your application will be invalid. You can apply to extend your leave in future but any extension must meet the Immigration Rules in place at the time you apply.”

Since, Feb 2022, I have spent 2 years on Skilled Worker Visa and paid IHS for 5 years then till Feb 2027. Now as I am switching to the Global talent visa.

I have the following questions:
Q1. What answer I should fill for this question “How long do you want to be granted?”.
As I am left with only 3 years to spend to reach ILR application, so should I apply for 3 years grant? or Full 5 years grant as per Exceptional Promise eligiblity?

Q2. Can I apply for exemption from IHS payment as I have already paid for it? If not, How to apply for IHS refund after payment for the same?

Q3. The IHS Refund would be ONLY rounded DOWN to the nearest 6 months or it can be rounded UP as well to the nearest 6 months? That is, if I’ve paid twice for a 17 months period, then, will I get a refund for 18 months or 12 months of IHS?

Since, I would be paying IHS twice for the same period (2024-2027); 33 months as of June 2024, the partial refund would be processed by the home office by rounded down to the nearest 6 months as per the guidance; that is IHS refund would be of 30 months or 36 months?

Answering these questions would be very helpful as I am planning to apply for my Stage 2 application very soon. @Francisca_Chiedu @hsafra and other community member inputs would be very well appreciated.

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I don’t have answers to all your questions. Best to contact the IHS refund team.
Since you have done two years on skilled work visa. You can apply for 3 years visa, pay the IHS fee and ask for a refund for the unsure period from your previous visa

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