Switching from UK Skilled worker Visa to Business Route for Global Talent Visa

Hi Everyone

This is my first ever post in this forum. Recently, I started exploring the option of Global Talent Visa (Business route) in the UK. I am initiating this thread as I have many questions around the criteria of this visa despite going through their website guide. A friend introduced me to this forum and I thought of making utmost use of it.

A few words about me- I am currently working in London, UK as a Sr. Marketing Manager for a tech company under skilled worker visa. Prior to the current company, I was working for another tech company back in Bengaluru, India and moved here to launch and expand the brand in the UK. As such I have overall 8 years of experience in mobility, food-tech and fin-tech businesses.

I want to explore and potentially switch to the Global Talent Visa as it will give me more flexibility to join start-ups and scale up companies without being dependent on sponsorships.

I went through the list of mandatory and optional criteria required to proceed with the application. I also tried consulting a solicitor firm who handle such processes. However, I still have some questions around the evidences that I can submit. Of course, docs such as salary slips, offer letters, letters of recommendation are no -brainers. But my primary question is along with these, how do I prove my work as a marketer in regards to the campaigns and launch activities that happened in the past ? I do have the campaign ad films, assets etc with me now and data around the number of customers acquired and how business grew etc as a proof of launching the tech company in the UK. Is this enough?

It would be great if someone who applied through a business route or someone with similar experience could guide me here.


You can get a reference letter from your employer to show your impact. You can also show “Documents detailing your significant contribution towards commercial success (such as evidence of sales pipeline built and delivered, growth generated, leads generated, processes developed and implemented)”.

Hi Francisca

Thank-you so much for your response. It gave me more clarity. I also had a call with another solicitor firm and found it quite helpful. Appreciate you taking time out to answer to my questions. Thank-you agian!

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did you apply for the visa? what evidences did you provide?

Hi Maya…

I am in the middle of my application currently. There are a number of docs that I am working on:
Set 1- letters of recommendation from my current and ex employers.
Set 2- My SOP
Set 3- Docs carrying the evidence of the projects I worked on (within job)
Set 4- Docs carrying evidence of my contribution to start-ups I worked for pro-bono (outside regular job)

Hope this helps. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. All the best!

It’s great that you have all the essential credentials, such as salary statements, offer letters, letters of recommendation, etc. But when it comes to proving your work as a marketer concerning campaigns and launch events that have taken place in the past, I would suggest you check out https://www.ogscapital.com/business-plan/nova-scotia-nsnp-visa-business-plan/, as it provides a fully compliant business plan for the Nova Scotia NSNP visa. In addition, your campaign commercials, assets, and data on the number of clients acquired and business growth is solid evidence of a tech company launch in the UK. Good luck to you, I’m sure you will succeed.