Switching from Tier 2 to GTV (dependents)

I’m on a tier 2 visa in the UK now and I’m going to apply for the GTV endorsement, my tier 2 visa (including dependents) expires on April 2023.

My question: when applying the stage 1 home office application (before TN endorsement application), do I need to include my family members in the HO application as global talent dependents and pay the fees for all (main applicant and dependents) or only apply for the main applicant at this stage?

Also, I’m thinking to apply for 1yr only because if I got endorsed I should qualify for ILR by April 2023 as I complete my 3 years combining both tier 2 and GTV staying time, any thought on this?

thanks and appreciate the feedback.

you can apply for everyone at the sae time, however, if you apply for only one eyear, you dependents will only get one year visa. If you are endorsed under Talent your dependents will need about three years to qualify for ILR. you may need to apply for more than one year to accomodate the length of time your depedents need to get ILR.

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