Switching from Tier 2 general to Global talent. Need clarification around dependants

Hello Folks,
I just received an email from “home.office.atlas@notifications.service.gov.uk” that “Tech Nation has advised that you meet its criteria for Exceptional Talent and I am therefore satisfied that you can be endorsed under Global Talent.”, with a link to the stage 2 form. I am assuming that I am past the stage 1 now and got the endorsement.
But I am a bit confused about the advice regarding the dependents. Me and my dependents have valid Tier 2 (and Tier 2 dependent) visas till aug 2024. I am planning to switch to Global talent, but does that imply that all my dependents MUST switch with me?
The advice on https://www.gov.uk/global-talent/your-partner-and-children gives a bit of a mixed message "
Your partner or child can apply to switch their visa either:

  • at the same time as you or switch your own visa
  • at any time before their current visa expires
    Does this mean they can legally stay on Tier 2 dependant visa until August 2024, while I switch on Global talent?
    Can someone please advice regarding this situaltion?

They don’t need to switch with you right now but they would need to extend their visa by Aug 2024 which means they would have to switch by then

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Thank you so much @Adebiyi_Adereni for the quick reply! This is super helpful

Hi @Irrelephant and @Adebiyi_Adereni, I am in a very similar situation - switching from Tier 2 (General) to Global Talent with the exceptional route endorsement.

I have a few questions and concerns that I would appreciate your help with.

1-I have been in the UK for a little over 2 years on a Tier 2 (General) visa and am now switching to GTV. Would a 1-year GTV be sufficient for an ILR application, considering my time spent on the Tier 2 visa?

2-My dependent has been in the UK with me for 2 years and her visa is valid Nov 2023. Does her time spent as a Tier 2 dependent count towards an ILR application, or does it reset upon switching to the GTV? If it does reset, it may be beneficial for us to apply for it earlier.

3-Regarding the Stage 2 process, the gov.uk states that the processing time for applications made from within the UK is up to 8 weeks. However, I have seen instances of people receiving results in as little as a week without purchasing the priority service. If I need the process to be completed within 3-4 weeks, would you recommend purchasing the priority service?

Thank you for taking the time to read my message. I would greatly appreciate any insights or guidance you can provide.

Hi. These are the answers to your question.

  1. Yes 1 year visa will be sufficient. Guideline for GTV states that the years spent on another visa such as work visa will count towards settlement so if u have exceptional talent. Then 1 year on it will be sufficient. But for exceptional promise, 3 years is sufficient
  2. No it won’t reset, same rule that applies to u on switching applies to your dependent
    3.No one can really predict this days. So if u need your visa urgently, priority will be advisable.
    I hope this helps

Thank you @Adebiyi_Adereni

I have one more question:
While making the IHS payment, if my dependant has a “Tier-2 dependant” visa, should I enter the information in the “The person you’re joining or remaining with” field on the form, or should I enter the information in the “Dependent” field?

I have never used d IHS platform before as I never had to pay for it but itz more likely to be dependant section

Hi Adebiyi,

I am in a similar situation and working as a Research Associate but on a Dependent skilled worker tier 2 visa. Now, If I switch my dependent visa to GTV exceptional and my partner who is the main tier 2 visa holder now, would become my dependent. In that case the time period he has spent on tier 2 visa would be counted toward ILR settlement after switching to dependent of GTV exceptional applicant ?