Switching from Tier 2 - Current immigration status

Hi there, I’m filling my application for Stage 2 and struggling with the question “Current immigration status”. It’s just a free-form field, so I wonder what types of statuses are there.

I moved for work with my very regular Tier 2 visa issued for 5 years (Skilled Worker or whatever it was called 2.5 years ago) and still on it. Should I write something like “Limited leave to remain” (because it’s not ILR, so it’s limited…)

Anyone else had this question in mind?

Hey I’m in the same situation. What did you write in the free form field? How did it go?

Don’t worry much, I guess. I’ve written something random and true, like “Temporary leave to enter, currently Tier 2 visa”, it was processed in one working day.

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I see! That was quick. Thanks for responding.