Supporting Documents for Stage 2

Hey guys,

For those who have done Stage 2 in the UK.

I am in the process of submitting my Stage 2 documents within the UK. On the UKVCAS website they ask me to submit certain documents as seen below

However, on my document checklist it does not say I need to submit any other supporting documentation.

My question is - do I need to provide any documentation other than just my passport and current BRP?

Hi @eddiel92,

I recommend to follow the document checklist only and ignore the list above.

Normally all you need to provide for Stage 2 is:

  • Passport
  • Letter of Endorsement from Tech Nation
  • IHS Reciept
  • Test on Tuberculosis ( if you are from a country that requires one )
  • Police Certificate (if you have one)

I belive that’s it

@eddiel92 @Herman_Komas If you don’t mind I can offer a minor correction:

  • Tuberculosis test is not needed if one applies from within the UK.
  • Some additional documents might be needed for visa dependants.

Thank you very much!