Supporting document for mandatory criteria

Hi, everyone. Please I am asking this question just to be clear. GitHub awarded me an achievement badge in 2020 for contributing to the Arctic Code Vault project (open source project).
Can I use this as one of my supporting evidence for mandatory criteria which say

“Outside of your normal day-to-day job role, you led or were a significant contributor to a substantial open source project, as evidenced from compilation of code commit summaries, repo stars or similar metrics such as download statistics, where possible”?

Considering the fact that Tech nation stated that the list of evidence are not exhaustive and that similar evidence can be provides.
Thank you in advance for you quick response

You mean the same GitHub (as in the company?)
In my opinion, I think it should qualify as it is an internationally recognised body

Well this is coming from someone yet to be endorsed…
It’s better more experienced people comment.

But I think it should do, so long as they are not your employer

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you can used it for the mandatory criterion.

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I have this on my github too. It only indicates that one of your public repos was part of those that were archived somewhere in space around 2020 during a github archive program. I doubt it would count for anything noteworthy as github had no criteria for the selection that I know of.

For clarity sake.
It’s not this :point_down: sorta badge, is it?

I don’t know if something like this cut it as evidence though.

I thought they mailed you officially kinda award

@Yusuf_Adebanjo For clarity sake.
It’s not this :point_down: sorta badge, is it?

It is and it carries no weight.

Perhaps if he can show this.

Your commit summaries

I think so too.

Structured things with selection criteria or process really matters in determining the weight of one’s evidence. The higher the bar for entry/selection the more weight it carries in one’s application.