Suggestions on the entry date to the UK

Hi everyone,

Lately I got endorsed for Stage 1 and preparing for Stage 2.

I am a bit concerned about the timeline and any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I want to move to the UK after I find a job because of finances. I am currently looking for a job (I am based in Turkey).

So I dont know the exact date I plan to move there which is an info I should enter for Stage 2 application.

I wonder if you have any suggestions. And do you think it is a good idea entering a date from the near future, going to the UK, collecting BRP, coming back to Turkey to find a job.


Hello again,

Anyone has any information on this? Or is there some official accounts where I can ask this?

You can apply for a visa immediately, then remain in Turkey until you get a job, then arrive the UK before your BRP is returned to the home office. Depending on your skill, some people get a job within 2-3 months. I know some people who got jobs before they moved to the UK.

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Thank you very much @Francisca_Chiedu ! As always, a very helpful response :blush:

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revoking this topic :slight_smile: Can I come to the UK to collect my BRP, then get back to Turkey for a while, then come back to settle (like after 1-2 months)?

Also, im now engaged but will be getting married on August. Due to me got endorsed, we shifted our wedding - to 2 weeks from now! What kind of documents she has to submit? thanks! @Edg @Francisca_Chiedu

you can leave the uk after collecting your BRP but ensure you meet the 180 days requirement. For the documents, it will be listed when you fill the form you need evidence that you are in a genuine and subsisting relations. Since you are getting married after endorsement you can show pictures taken during the relations and other evidence like housing agreement if you have cohabited. This is not immigration advise, you can check online for other list.