Suggestions on the entry date to the UK

Hi everyone,

Lately I got endorsed for Stage 1 and preparing for Stage 2.

I am a bit concerned about the timeline and any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I want to move to the UK after I find a job because of finances. I am currently looking for a job (I am based in Turkey).

So I dont know the exact date I plan to move there which is an info I should enter for Stage 2 application.

I wonder if you have any suggestions. And do you think it is a good idea entering a date from the near future, going to the UK, collecting BRP, coming back to Turkey to find a job.


Hello again,

Anyone has any information on this? Or is there some official accounts where I can ask this?

You can apply for a visa immediately, then remain in Turkey until you get a job, then arrive the UK before your BRP is returned to the home office. Depending on your skill, some people get a job within 2-3 months. I know some people who got jobs before they moved to the UK.

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Thank you very much @Francisca_Chiedu ! As always, a very helpful response :blush:

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