Successful Data Point: Exceptional Promise

Even though the sponsoring body will change, I’m sharing my experience as it might still be helpful.


  1. 09/11/22: Decided to start applying
  2. 22/12/22: Sent the stage 1 application
  3. 09/01/23: Received TechNation endorsement (it is simply an email from the gov. Subject = “Application Update” and sender = “”)
  4. 12/01/23: Started the stage 2 process
  5. 14/01/23: Booked a free appointment at Sopra Steria (UKVCAS)
  6. 23/01/23: Attended the appointment
  7. 09/02/23: Received the confirmation that stage 2 is successful. (same subject and sender as stage 1)
  8. 13/02/23: Missed an email from TNT that BRP is going to be delivered the same day.
  9. 15/02/23: Finally got the BRP after 2 failures.
  10. 17/02/23: Sent back my old BRP cut in half via RoyalMail.

Endorsement Application Package

You can view my my initial post asking for advice on my application. The updates after it were:

  1. Main letters: I picked LORs [1, 3, 5]
  2. MC: I used letters from LOR options [1, 2, 6] + my salary sheet + stocks that my company granted me
  3. OC1 (innovation): LOR options [2, 3, 6] + proof of winning StartHack 2018
  4. OC3 (impact): LOR options [2, 6, 8 (the director)] + internship work in 2018 was acknowledged by a paper from the team + some OSS contributions that prove my work internally
  5. I added a letter from the Fast Track accelerator and the offer letter as additional evidences. Consider doing that too, they were very nice to me and told me I can just accept the offer to get the letter and then reconsider

By LOR options, I mean these letters described proofs of the criteria. Whether they were submitted as LORs or additional evidences, you can simply quote the filename. If they were LORs you don’t have to submit them again.

Process tips

  1. It takes just a few minutes to start the stage 1 process on the website, so only start it when you have all the documents for technation.
  2. I was not sure where I can specify I want the Fast Track route, but turns out there is a dropdown in the TechNation application where you can state if you got accepted into any of the accelerators.
  3. GovUK’s priority service is separate from UKVCAS’ premium appointments. afaik paying for the former does not guarantee earlier appointments. And you don’t need to pay for priority service to get early appointments. As others are saying on the forum, you just need to log in every day to UKVCAS’ webapp every day and check for free empty slots. You can also pay 100-200£ to get one of the premium appointments.
  4. iirc, you also cannot check for appointment before paying the stage 2 fee and deciding if you want Gov priority service or not
  5. TNT is the worst package delivery company ever. They send an email between 4 and 5am saying they’ll deliver the BRP during the day between 8am and 8pm. No further updates, we just have to stay at home. Gov didn’t give them my flat number so they didn’t even call me and lied saying I was home. After 2 failures, I called TNT and stuck a note at our building entrance with my details to guarantee the delivery. Make sure you clear your calendar when you receive this email, don’t use headphones, don’t shower and hold your bathroom needs, or make sure you have someone home with you.

Good luck if you are planning to apply!


Congratulations!. I am in the process of gathering my evidence. But I want to confirm with yours. Did you submit the same recommendation Letter here “3” as evidence? or you got a separate reference letter for that?


Thank you @Antwi_Emmanuel! Best of luck and perseverance with your process :smiley:

Indeed, I only uploaded it as a LOR, referred to the filename, and assumed the reviewer would get the connection.

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