Successful business function endorsement timeline

Hi all, I wanted to share details about my endorsement and visa process in case it is helpful.

I’m 26 y.o. US citizen. I have an undergraduate business degree from a ‘public ivy’ and 4 years of marketing experience at two series B FinTech startups. I am currently a Head of B2C Marketing (but my company is only US-focused so I will be looking for a new role when I move).

October 17: Applied for endorsement via Tech Nation (exceptional promise)

  • Letters of recommendation: VP of Customer Experience at Company B (my current manager), Sr. Director of Marketing at Company A (former manager), Head of Operations at Company A (mentor).
  • Evidence: 1. A cover letter with context for each piece of evidence, £ conversions, and how I meet the endorsement criteria. 2. My current offer letter and salary/options. 3. A past employment contract and salary/options. 4. Company A’s series B funding details from crunchbase (I was employed when we raised the round). 5. Forbes article about impact of Company A’s product. 5. Article about a prestigious industry award Company B earned during my employment. 6. Details of impact from my growth marketing campaigns. 7. Company A app growth and reviews screenshots. 8-10. Media about Company A & B.
  • Personal statement: Focused on the evolution of consumer FinTech marketing, how my work is innovative, and what I wanted to do in the UK industry.

November 8: Received email from Home Office confirming successful endorsement
November 19: My unmarried partner and I both applied for visas (I applied for Stage 2 and he applied for partner visa). We did not pay for expedited service.
December 1: We both had our biometrics appointments at a USCIS and then mailed our passports that same day.
December 7: I received an email that my visa was issued
December 8: Partner received his passport and visa via post
December 9: I received my passport and visa visa post

As we requested, our entry clearance starts February, 5, 2022 and lasts 90 days.


Congratulations.Just curious, did the media evidence you shared acknowledge you in the publication?

Thanks! No, it did not.

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@nic_m, could you clarify a bit, what independent confirmation did you have to illustrate the connection between you and innovation/impact of the product published in media?

I provided examples of growth marketing campaigns and used the media evidence as confirmation of the revenue and product growth impact of those marketing efforts. My experience is in early-stage startups where I was the first consumer marketing hire therefore the impact of growth marketing is fairly easy to illustrate. I know this is a bit harder for other business areas!

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