Submitting evidence to Home Office

Hello All, I applied for the Tech Nation Endorsement on the 2nd of October. Do I need to submit my files to the Home office? Based on these instructions, because at the end of the Tech Nation application form I downloaded, it says “Tech Nation related evidence is no longer required to be sent to the Home Office. You should complete the application on the Tech Nation website and upload the requested information.”

For TechNation Visa, you just need to fill the stage 1b form on Tech Nation platform (a Survey monkey site).

Thank you for your response :slight_smile: I eventually submitted it when I got no response here (cos what do I have to lose?) and got a response from the Home office saying I did not need to send my files.

No, you don’t have to send your files to the Home office. Tech nation would forward their decision to the Home office, afterwards the home office would send you a mail to inform whether you’ve been endorsed or not

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