Submitted the Application and no reply for three weeks

Hi everyone,

I submitted my application on the 28th February and so far I haven’t heard from either the Home Office or Tech Nation (I’ve also submitted the endorsement application on the Home Office website and paid the 400 pound fee). Since I have been accepted into an a start-up accelerator programme (present in the list mentioned on the Tech Nation website), the decision should have arrived within three weeks from the submission of all the documents.

I am not sure what to do at this point since I’ve timed everything according to the three week waiting period and now I am not sure if the decision is going to be dragged further into the normal 8 weeks mark…

No worries, false alarm, just got the endorsement, thanks a lot to this whole community for all the help and support throughout the application process:)

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@r2d2 Congratulations! Welcome to the community. Feel free to join our Slack network by submitting your request here once you finished Stage 2.

Congratulations. Wishing you the very best with your startup too.

@r2d2 Can you please assist here how did you select in start-up accelerator programme?

If a person only have innovative idea, can he apply for the start-up accelerator programme or he must already started their startup product and has some customers?

Thanks a lot.

Tech Nation is able to fast track applications for people who are part of a current active batch /cohort of recognised accelerators. This is indicated in the guide.

@badesemowo My question is how can we apply for accelerator program? If anyone has only idea so he can apply or they must have products and clients to be eligible for the accelerator programs.

Most Accelerators on the Tech Nation list require you to have more than just an Idea. Some require MVP and some require traction too. You would need to go to the website of each Accelerator for specific information.

You should also know that many of the accelerators have around 1% acceptance rate and they get hundreds of applications when their application cycle opens.

However, please bear in mind that being accepted to an accelerator is not a prerequisite for the Tech Nation Endorsement. It only qualifies you for a fast tracked decision.

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