Struggling to find evidence

I have committed a lot of time to building my Exceptional Promise application, and have strong referral letters from successful startup founders, VP’s in Australia, etc.

I also have a strong personal statement.

I am an Australian citizen, and have worked in tech since 2019.

I believe I can evidence the mandatory criteria and optional criteria 3 (technical/commercial contribution), but I don’t think I have qualifying evidence for optional criteria 3 (mentorship) and optional criteria 4 (academic research).

I do not have any proof of mentorship, speaking, Stack Overflow/GitHub contributions, etc.

I thought I may be able to use optional criteria 4 (academic research), but I’m not sure the research I did qualifies. It was supervised by an expert in the field, but it was not formally published, and was done during my master’s degree (It wasn’t a thesis, but a project).

I also have a powerpoint presentation file for a FinTech presentation I did at a university in Australia but it was not recorded/documented, and it was for my undergraduate degree. The audience size was about fifty people.

Am I simply not eligible for this visa, and should I just not try?

Hello @CholeyGosht the TN requirements can stretch one a bit. It is good you have been able to identify the weak areas. The promise route requires at least one example for each optional criteria you choose. If you have dug deep, which I believe you have done, and can’t get at least one example then probably you should give yourself some time to achieve those things. If you start working on it now you may be able to apply by the end of this year or in a year’s time.

On the other hand, TN says they review applications on a case by case basis. Holistically looking at it. So probably worth a shot?

Statements above are totally mine and I haven’t applied just yet myself. So take it with a big grain of salt. Hopefully more experienced members would chime in and advise.

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You don’t need to have applied to share your thoughts. I think you are spot on. Let him give it more time, work on the gaps before making an application.

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