State your field of talent option during form 1

I am filling the form for stage 1. Need some guidance.

1 Wheni filling intial form at home office site before techNation form. There is a field in it “State your field of talent”.
What is required to fill in it core skil “mobile app developer” or digital technology.

  1. Is cover letter and Statement of purpose same on techNation form. If different, pls guide me the template or structure of cover letter

I will be very thankful if someone who already passed through. it can share his experience.

Question 1: Field of talent is digital technology
I am not sure I sure i understand your question but you are required to submit a personal statement (1000 word max) on the tecnation form.

I will recommend you read the Tech Nation guideline before applying.

Thanks a lot for replying.
I got my answer for Both questions from your reply.
I have gone through TN guide and prepared for SOP.
On this forum, I have read some posts discussing cover letter. Thats confused me. But you have removed my doubt. On which stage of this process are you currently.

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