Startup visa/GT visa

My husband had applied for startup visa and reached his final stage of interview with Home Office. I was supposed to apply later as his dependant.
Very recently i got endorsed for Global Talent Visa.

My question is:

  • is there a way to suspend the process of startup visa without damaging person’s reputation of making sponatneous decisions.
  • will there be deduction of NHS payments for 2 years, so that double payment does not occur.
  • what would be the correct way to proceed?

Thanks in advance!

One thing is sure: you only apply as Global Talent main applicant. And you husband switches to your dependent. If has has applied for startup visa and decision has been taken, thats a waste of money as he will have to apply to switch as GT dependent partner. If decision is pending then you both make a fresh application ASAP and he needs to cancel his startup application or on his new application he need to exercise his right to vary his application.
Here is the guidance link:’ve%20applied%20for,when%20you%20vary%20that%20application.


@Safaryan, if your husband got so far and already approved for very own Startup Visa (only final step is left), why not just get the visa, move to UK and later (in couple years) switch to a Global Talent dependent Visa

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@Savvkin though it is feasible, its not ideal. Startup visa is more restricted than GT dependent and also it will be a waste of money making another switch application assuming his current startup one is still pending and as such can be varied.

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He can write to withdraw his application and get a refund for IHS.

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