Stage2. Should I book appointment within three months?

I am applying for a global talent VISA from outside the UK.
I am at stage 2 and I am confused and need someone to help me.

26 Jan 2024 Endorsement approved.
11 Apr 2024 IHS fees paid* Stage 2 not yet completed at this point?

I understand that the endorsement expires in three months.
After that, do I have to make an appointment with VFS Global, such as fingerprinting, within three months?

Any advice would be appreciated by me.

The letter I received reads:

This endorsement is valid for 3 months from the date of this notification and therefore you must submit an application for entry clearance or leave to remain (stage 2) within this period or the application will be refused.

It’s a bit vague if “application” is the website application or includes the bio collection meeting. I wouldn’t risk it and try to get to the meeting before the 3 months lapse.