Stage One - Expectional Promise Rejection And Appealing

Hi Everyone
Here is Technation’s feed back,

I want to appeal how do i go about appealing?

For MC -
1 - I submitted Evidence of the tech community i co-founded showing growth metrics and impact
2 - Prove of High Earning showing that i earn 4 times higher than my peers
3 - My contribution to GADS (Google Africa Development Scholarship) - Showing my impact and pictures evidence of invitation to be part of the judges and also my picture in there website as on of the mentor in the program
4 - My Contribution to NACOSS - With awards from the NGO
5 - A reference letter from a top tech company

For OC3.
1. My contribution and impact to as a full time employee in a product-led FAANG company, with screen shots of my works, code & UI
2. My Contribution to another company showing impact of my work and news publication of my work, also a reference letter from the company starting my impact and projects i worked on
3. My contribution in a comapany i worked as a senior software, also stating the impact and how i contributed to the growth of the company.

I was awarded on OC2.

@Francisca_Chiedu pls help here