Stage Mandatory Criteria

Please, I need a quick answer to this, can a salary of 55,000 to 60,000 as a Senior Web Developer in the UK be considered a high salary for global talent application under mandatory criteria, please?

Yes, it is high, however, i would suggest not to make high salary your main evidence. It is useful fo additional evidence.

Thanks @Francisca_Chiedu, I also plan to include a

For mandatory criteria :

  1. published material at IEEE standard,
  2. Offer letter which clearly indicate my salary as a Senior Web Developer
  3. Evidence of holding a significant expert role because I am the only Senior Developer and Head of Development and Deployment unit, (probably a letter from the management stating this would be sufficient)

Please let me know if this is enough

I don’t see how these evidence show you are a recognised leader. Do have other evidence that shows external validation of your leadership?

  • Published material in professional or major trade publications or major media about the applicant related to the applicant’s work in the digital technology sector. You must include the title, date and evidence that you are the author of such published material and any necessary translation.

I intended to use this as stated in the mandatory criteria

is this part of your MSc project? in what capacity did you publush this?

Not part of my M.Sc project, it’s a paper presented at the International Research Conference on Information Management, Control Analysis and Technology

Do you have a certificate of presentation. what field/skill does information management fall under? anyway, if you think it addresses what is stated in the mandatory criteria then use it.

I asked the question on the forum to be sure if the evidences are sufficient. Thanks for you input, I will be back with updated details of the documents I intend to use for the application.

in regards with this, i have two articles published for my achievements and founder of digital product including innovation, achievements and development of the app. do you this this is sufficient for mandatory?

Yes hope the articles are not written like paid PR posts.

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No. not paid, from local Authorities and university for digital products.

ok, that’s fine. Do you have speaking events?

no, currently i am having the below:

the letters from uni, digital platform, and a start up founder
reference letter as an evidence i contributed in focused group for developing an online tool/product.
2 articles about myself and my digital product innovation and entrepreneurial journey.
mobile app i innovated(i did the design UI/UX, software specification,market analysis )
company finances
evidences that i employed and trained staff in digital marketing, digital administration - Job creations (The impact)

i am still working on these documents and hopefully i get others sorted before i apply.

let me know your thoughts please