Stage 2 - TB Clearance will not be out until almost 3 months from now

Hi All,
Please, I need your urgent advice on what to do. I got my stage 1 endorsement letter on the 23rd of June, 2022. I took my X-ray for Tuberculosis clearance at IOM Lagos, Nigeria last Monday, 4th of July. Unfortunately on getting there today for my Tuberculosis Clearance Certificate, IOM stated that my X-ray showed some abnormality that would require them to confirm with a Sputum culture test whose process takes between 8 -10 weeks to be out. Meanwhile, Global Talent Endorsement letter stated that I must apply before 3 months elapses, otherwise, I will lose the endorsement.

Please what do you advise I do in this situation? IOM has scheduled me for Sputum Sample collection for 3 consecutive mornings from 12th to 14th of July after which their 8 -10 week wait time begins.
Your advice will be highly appreciated.

I think you should still go ahead with stage 2. But do not schedule a date for biometrics till your new TB test result is out. Applying for stage 2 will give your more time. I believe you have around 90 days after paying for your visa application to apply for biometrics.

Please do not take this as an official advice.


Thanks @fredfdr for the suggestion. I will find out more about it.

Hey @AdebayoA How did you eventually sort this out?