Stage 2 supporting documents. Submit the original or copy upload?

I have a question for those who did the stage 2 application within the UK.

I just made an appointment using the UKVCAS service. When you visited the VISA support centre, did you have to submit your passport and residence permit to them? I uploaded copies of both of these in their portal (and an endorsement email from the Home Office, just in case), but it was not clear whether my passport and residence permit need to be physically handed over to them.

Also how long did it take to get the new residence permit with Global Talent Visa using the standard application?

If you could share your experience, that would be helpful.

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  1. I switched visas within UK. I didn’t have to submit either passport or BRP. Lawyers highly recommended that you don’t travel while you are between visas, but that isn’t enforced by holding your passport.
  2. About 10 days. I got the confirmation that I got the visa within 3-4 days and took another week I think to get the BRP by post. I applied in Sept/Oct last year, so it might possibly be better now.
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@Shreeniwas_Iyer Thank you for answering my questions. It’s super helpful. So you just uploaded scanned PDFs for passport and residence permit in their portal only? What did you have to submit when you visited the visa centre? When I made a UKVCAS appointment, I got an email with the following message. The only thing you submitted at the visa centre is QR code?

3-4 days sounds quite fast without using priority service, but that’s a good news for me (hopefully it will be this fast for me) :slight_smile:


You must bring the following to your UKVCAS appointment:

  • The attached confirmation notice containing the QR code for each group member. If you don’t bring this, we will not be able to process your application.
  • A passport/travel document for each applicant. (If you don’t have one of these, you must bring alternative ID). You will need to show this for entry to the Service Point. (‘Offline Applicants’ must bring the letter from UKVI).
  • All your supporting documents. You do not need to bring these if you have already uploaded copies online. (‘Offline Applicants’ see information below).

Important information about your UKVCAS appointment

  • Arrive at your appointment on time. Do not arrive early as you cannot wait inside due to COVID restrictions.
  • Only bring applicants named on the booked appointment with you. Other people are not allowed into the Service Point (see FAQs for very limited exceptions).
  • The responsible adult named on the application must be the one who attends the appointment with any young/minor/vulnerable applicants and must bring ID.
  • Follow COVID guidance. See ‘Important information about your UKVCAS appointment’ on our Service Status update here.

If you have received this email on behalf of the lead applicant, make sure you share this information and all attachments with them immediately.

Keep all your original supporting documents as they may be required by UKVI at a later date.

Applicants that have made a paper application directly to UKVI (‘Offline Applicants’) must send all their documents to UKVI. You do not need to bring them to your UKVCAS appointment.

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They scanned my passport there in person. This is because they wanted to scan certain pages (from visas and stamps) that I hadn’t uploaded previously.

The documents I took with me in person were:

  • All passport (current and old) for all of us
  • BRP for all of us
  • Marriage Certificate (for my wife)
  • Birth Certificate (for my daughter)
  • QR Code print out

please did you go there with your bank statement and how long did you have balance in your account?

This is now a 2 year old memory, so take it with a big spoon of salt please - I don’t think I took my bank statement for this particular appointment. I only switched visas and stuck to the mandatory documents - and bank statement was not a mandatory document required.

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