Stage 2 - Question on "Leave to Enter"

Hey All,

I got the Stage2 done and got my vignette and a letter along with it. The application was successful (Yay!!!) but even though I applied for 5 years, I think I got it for only 3 years.
I see this line in the letter which states, “You have permission in the UK (Known as Leave to Enter) as GLOBAL TALENT MIGRANT from 01 Jun 2022 to 01 Jun 2025”.

Does it mean that I need to apply for IHS refund for the two extra years that I paid up?


I think there is somewhere in the letter that states you can correct ab error. It is an error so cont them, alternatively ask for a refund. Is this the same for your wife and kid?

Thanks as always @Francisca_Chiedu. As of now, only i applied, so i guess I will contact home office.

Alternatively, I saw this in the website, so I am not sure if it’s an error or its intended that way

It is clearly an error. if you plan to still apply for they then you should ask home office to correct it so your dependant can apply for 5 years at once else they will get 3years or less when they eventually apply. alternatively you can ask for a refund.

Thankyou. I will write an email to the homeoffice to clarify the same and keep you posted

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@Francisca_Chiedu I recieved a reply from the UKVI that either, I can apply for Administrative review if I feel the decision is incorrect or I can proceed with the time awarded and the fees wil be refunded automatically.

I think I will go for 3 years for now and not go behind the administrative review process.

That’s fine. You just need to renew for your family after 3 years.

Yeah, that is what I am thinking as well.

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