Stage 2 question about bringing unmarried partner

Hey, folks!

So I’ve been reading this forum anonymously the last three months, as I applied for the Global Talent Visa. Yesterday I received my endorsement letter. I’m absolutely thrilled. Thanks to everyone who shared their tips and experiences here — very helpful.

I am preparing my stage 2 application for the home office, and I have a question: Does anyone else have any experience applying with your dependent, who is your unmarried partner? Any specific documentation that helped that process go smoothly?

I am aware of all of the extra fees; I’m primarily curious about what documents might help “prove” this is a long-term unmarried relationship.

For context, we have been together for more than three years and have had leases together for 2.5 years, so I have plenty of ways of documenting our relationship.

I appreciate any insight, knowing full well no one here can provide legal advice — just looking for anecdotes or tips to help the final process go smoothly! See you in the UK soon, fingers crossed!



Genuine and subsisting relationship is what required for the purpose of visa. Rental agreements and/or joint bank statements and/or utility bills jointly named would do the job. Please also bear in mind, despite all these, the case worker may or may not call for a personal interview if they have even a little doubt. so you and your partner must be prepared for that enentuality.

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Thanks so much for the reply. It sounds like the nearly three years’ worth of rental agreements should do the trick.

I’m specifically wondering if anyone has any insight into the kinds of evidence that help that phase two dependent process go smoothly. I’ve read that it helps to supply a letter outlining the history of the relationship. In this case, I am not worried about how our relationship will be interpreted — very easy to prove with the documents indicated — just want to ensure I have the right stuff on the first try. Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

Congrats on your endorsement. Can you share what you supplied as key criteria and evidence? Of course not the whole detail but a general idea would help a lot here.

Update to anyone else who’s wondering: I found this official guidance that offers more clarity on the requirements for unmarried and same-sex partners:

In essence, you’re required to provide at least six documents that show both names in relation to addresses over the span of two years — more documents with names associated with the same addresses are required if you don’t have both of your names on all the utilities, bills, etc.

Additionally, I spoke with someone who went through this same experience and they suggested including photos with dates and locations, a timeline cover letter outlining the history of your relationship, letters of rec. from trusted friends to confirm your relationship, and some strong indication from both parties about an intent to settle in the UK.

I hope this is somewhat helpful. It’s a confusing process to navigate with unmarried long-term partners, though an important topic since many people in this situation might not be from a country where they can legally get married.

I will provide a full update on my application process and materials once I’ve submitted and both myself and my partner are approved.

Thank you! I’ll certainly provide an update on the full process once I’ve successfully completed stage 2!

Also, one additional resource that has been helpful is this guide from a UK-based lawyer, in case anyone else is in a similar situation:

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Hey dashad!

Thanks for this insightful topic with lots of great information. Can you share your status on this and whether you were successful? What sort of evidence did you end up providing?