Stage 2 priority waiting time

Hi folks,

I got the biometric in the morning of Tuesday last week, but today (Monday) I still did not receive any message from the home office. I have just received an email from UKVCAS to send my applications to HO. I used priority service for the visa. Which is the first day of priority service?



I did the biometrics of priority.

I did biometrics on 17th July and got the approval email the next day.

I received my BRP 2 days after that.



You apply only for yourself or for dependants as well. I applied for 5 working days not for next day priority.


It was for me and dependent both

Mine was also 5 working days priority (not next day priority). But the result came only the next day ( got super-priority service at the price of priority :slight_smile: )

Which month of the year you applied? You are very lucky. I see many people received very early so I start feeling upset and worried while waiting now.


oh!! is it…

Here is my timelines:

Applied on 8th June for Talent (Inside UK)

There were 4 edits (I lost hope after 3rd edit)

7th July Got stage 1 approval email

Stage 2: Submitted Biometrics on 17th July on priority and got approval on 18th July


What is the edit you mean?


it is for stage 1, when someone views your application it shows the date & timestamp on the dashboard.

A few people assume it is related to approval/rejection but it is not an indicator

I have just received the decision :). Exactly 5 working days


I did the biometrics last Wednesday morning and had the Priority service… I think they should reply by this Wednesday. In your case, it took 5 (working) days, right? Did they email you the decision?