Stage 2 : Medical and Health Insurance

Good Morning, I got endorsed in March and I require help on stage 2.

Question No 1 : Have you received medical before- Back then in 2011 during my masters they wasn’t any health insurance charge and as student you get free medicals, I went to the hospital for a Flu Jab and basic flu but the problem is I don’t remember the name of the hospital . What can I do? If I say yes it asks for the name of the hospital which I cant remember ? if I say No I am afraid they will say I am lying

Question No 2: National Insurance Number : Back then in 2011 you needed it to get apply for job but after master came back to Nigeria and that was that . I cant find the number ?did you anyone experience this and what can I do ?


There is a box to give further explanation, you can expin you can’t remember.

Hi Please on the stage 2 form is the number listed VAF/URN

I don’t understand your question.