Stage 2 GTV Visa Approved

Thanks all, I have got my GTV visa approved and got vignette approved for 3 months.(outside UK)
I have doubt regarding my visa stamping. It says that Global talent migrant restricted work no sports and no public fund.
There was no mention about whether it is Exceptional one since i got endorsement under this category.
Do you think if BRP card will have exceptional talent printed? if not, how would HOme office knows if guys is under GTV- Exceptional Visa.
Also, i am planning to collect BRP card within 20 days of getting posted to Post office. Hope there is no deadline when to collect it.

Please assist.
@Francisca_Chiedu: What you suggest, Mate.

The BRP will have the type of permit as “Global Talent, Leave to Remain.”

Those applying from outside the UK will receive a 30 day vignette (first visa on your passport) which is used to enter the UK and are instructed when and where to collect their Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) after they arrive in the UK.

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Thanks for reply, @May
I got it for 90 days.

Since BRP will have the type of permit as “Global Talent, Leave to Remain.” Then, how would Home Office get to know if person is eligible for ILR after 3 years(Exceptional) or 5 years(promising).
This was my doubt initially.

everyone on this visa received the same. home office have all the records ofcourse.

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Thanks @Maya.

I have more doubt what does this line means from the letter issued for BRP collection.
“Your BRP card will be available for collection two weeks from the date of issue of your visa”.

My visa starts from December, 2022 but i got visa letter on 23 sep, 2022. Since I have visitor visa and i may need to travel for some reason early as well.
Does that mean my BRP is available from 2 weeks past 23 September(data of issue of visa) or 12 December( visa valid)?? I will collect accordingly.

i would leave this to others to advise as its a bit confusing.

2 weeks from the date you received the email about BRP. You will be notified with another email that it’s ready for collection (if you have chosen a post office). If you don’t hear - just call up the post office address which is mentioned in the letter

You have nothing to worry about. The official name is Global Talent Visa, Exceptional talent or promise are both global talent migrants. The difference is thaat ET gets ILR in 3 yers while Ep gets it in 5 years.

All global talent migrants are not allowed to apply for public funds such as social benefit schemens. You are also not allowed to work as a sports person.

Quick question @Francisca_Chiedu please is the free education for children under 16 regarded as public funds? I’ve searched and didn’t find any information for or against the thought.

No it’s not. Immigrants (their kids) have access to free education.

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