Stage 2 GTV Doubts

Hi All,

I am applying for Stage 2 Global Talent Exceptional Visa. A couple of questions i have.

  1. Both me and my wife application can go together.
  2. I am applying from outside the UK. Since GTV is given for 3 years. Is it ok to apply for 1 or 2 years now and then extend?? What documents are required when extending(i hope same approval letter will work after 2 years) since approval letter is only valid for 90 days . What will happen after 2 years??
  3. When visa is given?? Does passport get stamped for 1 or 2 or 3 years or few months and then BRP card is issued??
    Reason for short duration: I don’t have an employer to fund my visa fees but i might have in the future.
    Does anyone know extension after 1 year or 2 year will not cause me any problem?? I really nervous about it since getting this approval was bit hectic/expensive for me.

You can apply for one or two years. You dont need the endorsement letter as they already know you are on Global talent visa. There is no problem extending, you just need to pay new visa application fee and IHS for the period.


Thanks for explaining it.
I have couple of more doubts since i am finalizing my visa application.

  1. During visa application, reference number for endorsement was not asked anywhere in the visa form. It is just i need to carry print out of approval email. Please confirm??
  2. There was one question (State the name of your skill). I hope it should be generic answer - Digital Technology??
  3. Where to apply for my spouse visa since i applied on GTV outside UK link and couldn’t see anything for dependents and i hope both of us should go together for BioMetric. I mean, it shouldn’t be like that my visa got approved first and then, my spouse can apply. Please assist??

This is the link for your wife’s visa application.

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Thanks for your reply @Francisca_Chiedu. Due to IHS fees not paid, I had to cancel my wife application and start a new one. I cancelled before 10 days of visa appointment.
Still haven’t heard back from UKVI about refund. Can someone suggest any email address at which i can contact for visa cancellation refund.
Thanks again.