Stage 2 global talent for dependants

Hi, I have an endorsement as a global talent, and I understand that I need to apply for stage 2 within 90 days of the endorsement.
Question: does this 90 day timeline apply for my dependants too (wife and child) ?
Also, can they, if situation demands so, apply and join me at a later time , say 6 months +.
Finally, anyone who has applied for dependants either together or at a later date, please do share your experiences on the above .

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I also need to know about this

Hi both, based on my experience, if you are not applying at the same time as family, they can apply whenever they want.

FYI, my wife and son applied after I got my visa. Now their visa to UK is about to expire, and they need to apply for a new visa when they can come. Better to apply just before they can come, otherwise, their visa might be expired.

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Hi @steven4320555 you mean your family failed to enter UK within the given time after the visa was issued? Or was that the actual visa expiry? i.e. 5 years?

No @zamana you can apply in any time frame multiple time within your visa validation 3 or 5 years .

@jamal correct!
@zamana I meant to say the 3 months window to come to the UK, and get their biometric card. (They got their visa, to come and join me. But due to the new phase of lockdown, there is no flight from China to UK. )

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