Stage 2 Exceptional talent: length of dependent visa

Hi everyone!
I have recently received an endorsement as an exceptional talent. This route allows for a three-year visa that leads to ILR afterwards. However, as the main website states, dependents can apply for ILR after 5 years.

My question: can I apply for a three-year visa with my dependent applying for a 5-year visa to avoid any issues extending the dependent’s visa after 3 years? (It’s not clear to me how an extension will work for the dependent given that I’ll be applying for an ILR after 3 years, while my girlfriend will be applying for an extension of her dependent’s visa based on me having a UK Global Talent Visa)

Thank you.

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I’m during the same stage as you and AFAIK the answer is yes. You apply separately for each person (you + each dependent) and you can select the timeframe (3/5 years) separately on each.

I’ve seen posts in this forum suggesting otherwise, i.e. that dependents visa cannot be longer than the main applicant, which may result in them asking to prolong the main applicant visa to 5 years in this case.

Would be happy to learn I’m wrong though.


You cannot apply beyond the number of years of the main applicant. So if the principal applicant applied and paid for a 3 years surcharge, the dependants cannot apply beyond 3 years too.

Thank you!
What will happen to the extension if a dependent can’t apply for a longer term than a main applicant in this case?
I.e., as an exceptional talent, I can get ILR in 3 years. Will my dependent be able to extend their dependent visa while I am applying for an ILR?

Home Office guide clearly says that it’s okay…

Apply as a partner (dependant on a work visa)
You may be able to apply for indefinite leave to remain if both:

  • you’re a dependant on your partner’s work visa
  • your partner is settled or applying to settle in the UK

This is about ILR but it’s the same in the extension part…

Oh, I missed this bit. It’s now all clear.
Thank you so much for highlighting it.

I am applying visa within the UK and my dependants will apply visa in another country. if we pay for 5 years, will we get the same amount of year ?

Yes, you get same number of years.

Hi All,
I am in the process of applying extension for my dependants. I came to the UK via Global Talent visa and I got my ILR last week. As my dependants got 3 years visa, now I want to extend the visa for them for next 3 years to stay with me and get the eligibility to apply ILR.

I am confused with the application form to use for extending their visas. As I’m an ILR holder now should I use ILR dependants family visa application form
same Global Talent Dependants extension form to extend(below one)?

If I use the 2nd form in the IHS payment page it’s asking me the person you’re joining or remaining with Enter their Visa expiry date? What should I enter here as I’m an ILR holder now and doesn’t have an end date.

Any help is greatly appreciated.