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I am in a process of applying for Global Talent stage 2 (switching from Tier 2 ICT – Global Talent).

I have a few questions regarding the documents to be uploaded on UKVCAS portal. Appreciate if members already gone through this process can help.

  1. Under which category the endorsement letter will be uploaded on UKVCAS portal?

  2. Do I and my dependent require TB certification (switching within the UK from ICT to GTV). I am on Tier 2 ICT for the last two years but travelled outside the UK 11 months before for 2 weeks only.

Many Thanks in advance.

Hi @Bob2021,

Congrats on getting to stage 2 of the process! Here’re the answers:

  1. It is fine to attach it as ‘other’ document. I also think they don’t really need the letter as you have applied for stage 1 via the Home Office and was updated regarding your status by the Home Office. So they (should) know you were endorsed.

  2. TB certificate is not needed for visa switch application.

And usual disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and it is not a legal advise. I don’t work for Tech Nation and neither I represent Tech Nation or any other organisation.

  1. They won’t ask for endorsement letter since they would have your record when you were endorsed by Tech nation.
  2. I did a paid inquiry to the UK Home Office and they confirmed if you are a resident of a country not listed in the countries where TB test is required and you are living there for more than 6 months, then you are exempt from TB Test. I confirmed it twice and following is their response.

Many Thanks @Alex_P and @zamana

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