Stage 2 documents

Hi Friends,

My question is about documents for stage 2.
(Our family: parents and 2 less than 12 years old children).
I know about some essential documents like proof of relationship, bio data, and passports. But about other documents:

  1. Information about your visit: Should I only attach my home office letter (Stage 1 endorsement), or do I have to write a separate plan letter?
  2. Money (either income or savings): Should I only attach a bank statement, or do I have to attach my job and income documents again? (I sent it in stage 1 to Tech nation)
  3. Evidence of assets: Should I only attach one property deed, or do I have to attach all of my property deeds? Does it make my procedure time longer?
  4. Letter of consent from your parent(s) or legal guardian(s): By the guide, it seems it has to be written on behalf of my children and parents have to sign it? Or should we write it as parents and sign it?

Thanks a lot for your nice answers

Didn’t you get a checklist after you paid. It is typically Passport, TB test, and endorse email.