Stage 2 documents upload application form

Hi guys, hope you all are doing well. Can I just ask you guys about:

Do we need to upload the application form at all? I have been wondering how they can match my application with my form. Do I need to bring it to the appointment?

What I can see from the checklist is that the only documents that I need to upload is passport and brp under the two categories.

and endorsement letter. I guess that means the email that we received right? which category did you guys upload?

probably, application form in “other” and endorsement email in sponsors/employment?

I uploaded the endorsement letter in “Other” but at the biometrics appointment I was told it wasn’t necessary. Can’t hurt though.

thanks! what about the application form you filled online, do you need to upload that as well?

I didn’t upload that anywhere, I don’t think it’s necessary.