Stage 2 documents upload application form

Hi guys, hope you all are doing well. Can I just ask you guys about:

Do we need to upload the application form at all? I have been wondering how they can match my application with my form. Do I need to bring it to the appointment?

What I can see from the checklist is that the only documents that I need to upload is passport and brp under the two categories.

and endorsement letter. I guess that means the email that we received right? which category did you guys upload?

probably, application form in “other” and endorsement email in sponsors/employment?

I uploaded the endorsement letter in “Other” but at the biometrics appointment I was told it wasn’t necessary. Can’t hurt though.

thanks! what about the application form you filled online, do you need to upload that as well?

I didn’t upload that anywhere, I don’t think it’s necessary.

From my experience (applied inside the UK): You will be able to upload your documents on the Biometric Centre website when you book your appointment

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Ok. I will be directed to the Biometric centre website after I pay, right?

Thank you.

Yes, you should be directed

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Thank you @Amira_Chalbi

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Hi, but did you print the endorsement letter to the biometric too. I am a little confused on wether to upload or to print as I have read on the thread that one need endorsement letter, BRP and Passport(applying from inside Uk). Looking forward to your response.

Thank you

I applied from inside the UK: you can upload all the documents online and you don’t need to print any document. For the list of documents, just stick to the checklist that you got when you filled the application on the Home Office website. I hope it helps

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Thank you @Amira_Chalbi