Stage 2: Documents required for biometrics

Hi guys,

I submitted my application for stage 2 and my appointment is coming up for submitting the documents along with biometrics. I have applied one application for myself along with one for my wife. I’m wondering what documents do I take? I see there are documents referring to property lease, bank statement, hotel bookings and flight details etc.

I wanted to know which ones did successful stage 2 applicants submit and what is actually required.

I was planning to submit:

  1. Passport
  2. Endorsement email from Home Office
  3. Marriage Certificate

Is anything else required you guys think? Wanted to know your thoughts

You must have missed the document checklist, before paying or so it typically wont list the document you list, not same as the generic checklist for all vusa type. Depending on your country you may need a TB test.

For most applicants you need passport, TB test, endorsement email. Spouse should add marriage certificate and other evidence of the relationship.

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There’s actually no specific checklist for GTV that I know of because I also searched everywhere and couldn’t find one but I know passport, resident permit/id and endorsement document is mandatory.
These are the ones I submitted for my application these month.


  • Passport
  • Resident Permit


  • Endorsement Letter
  • Bank statement
  • Proof of Address
  • Employment Contract

TB test was not required because the country I applied from is exempted from TB test. I see you did not mention TB test, I hope you’ve confirmed that your country of residence requires this ?

I think you should provide documents that are relevant to your situation in the additional documents section. e.g your marriage certificate since you’re married and may want to invite your spouse, it would be relevant. If you’re working in another country (different from your country of citizenship) on a work visa, you can add your employment contract too as it validates your status in your residence country same with your proof of address. Then in some cases, I heard they require proof of funds (I personally don’t think this is relevant but it’s safe to add them as there’s a lot of space on the checklist and if you’re also planning to invite your spouse later).

Your documents must also be in english, or translated to english by an authorized translator if in another language.
Don’t bother about flight details or hotel bookings, I think that’s for tourist visa applicants

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Note: These are just suggestions. I still low-key think Passport, Resident Permit and Endorsement Letter should be enough. I added the others to be “safe” :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, my current country of residence does not require a TB test.

Perfect! I shall bring these documents, your reference to proof of address do you mean proof of address in the country I am applying from or in the UK or my address in the UK (hotel for now as I have not found a place yet) ? I currently work in the US and I am applying from the UAE. Do you think its a good idea to add the employment contract or is it irrelevant @Victrr

For proof of funds, what do you think is needed to show in the bank account for me and my wife?

The address should be for the country that you’re currently a resident in.

For the proof of funds, I can’t say for sure if they have a required amount. But I think a reasonable figure that can last you for 6 months in the UK if converted to pounds may suffix.

As for whose account should have the required funds, I can’t really say too. But in most cases for other visas, burden of POF is usually on the dependant.

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If your residency permit in UAE is based on work, I think you can add your work contract. Otherwise, it may not be relevant.

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Perfect thank you @Victrr

Hey, so applying from the Dubai doesn’t require TB test yeah?