Stage 2 Dependant Visa/Partner

I got this Message from DMC please has anyone come across this and how did you solve it
"The UK Decision Making Centre is currently assessing the application submitted by the above named. We are unable to conclude the application at this time as we require additional information.

Confirm at what address you will be living at and who with?
What do you intend to do whilst you are in the UK and how long will you be in the UK?

Please send this document as a scanned attachment within 10 working days to [Insert relevant mailbox] quoting your application reference in the subject line. Please attach the document directly to the email as we are unable to access links to files hosted on sites such as Dropbox™ or Google Drive™".

Kind regards,

UK Decision Making Centre

The information you provided is not clear. Are you applying as a dependent , joining a global taent recipient?

No I am the main applicant and my wife is the dependant but she received that email from DMC and is not clear

didn’t you link your URN will hers? Didn’t you add an address in the UK when you filled the form?

Yeah I did all that but to get such message was surprising, have been trying to reach DMC but to no avail

If you are currently in the UK, you can provide the address ad add a cover letter confirming you are her spouse and she will be joining you.

Yeah but DMC did not include where to send the email and I have reached out to them by mail and call they said they’ll get back in 15 working days to provide an email to send the document.

That is strange, they usually do.

I think it was an error from there side but then I need help in resolving it

Dear All

I have been endorsed for Talent.

I have 3 dependents - wife and 2 kids.

Do we make one Stage 2 application or I make the first application and the dependents make 3 separate applications ??

Does each one pay the NHS surcharge independently or it is combined for the family ?

Thanks for your help

seek your guidance @Francisca_Chiedu and people on the forum

Why am I getting this message just before I proceed to “PAY” for my application that **
You don’t have any dependants**

You are likely filling the dependant form . You need to apply for global talent stage 2 and use your reference number to link your wife and kid’s application.

Thanks @Francisca_Chiedu you are awesome :clap:

One more clarification please

As the main applicant if I apply for my stags visa NOW, can my defendants apply for the visa LATER ?

What do you advise should we ALL apply same time or dependents can apply LATER.

My plan is I go first to UK, secure a job, school, place to stay and the Dependanta FOLLOW 4-5 months later.

Will us apply separately impact the stage 2 for dependents or should we apply Together ?

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Applying separately does not impact the application of the dependants.

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Thanks @Francisca_Chiedu !

ps: You are the biggest ambassador of UK’s Global Talent Visa Program. We as a community of applicants and recipients honour your great work.


Thanks for your kind words.