Stage 2 applying from the UK


Please, I am applying from the UK. Switch from 2 years graduate visa to 5 years global talent visa.

Should I select “No” at this stage?

It’s a “yes”, you currently have graduate visa… But you can wait for others opinion.

Ps: please, when you complete your application let me know if you’re able to use UK ID immigration check. I’m planning to submit my stage 2 application soon.

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I totally agree with you. That’s the option I choose too. I wanted to double-check. Thank you.

Have you submitted? Were you able to use the UK immigration app?

I have not submitted. I was busy throughout yesterday and there’s a notice on the government website stating that there would be system maintenance from 21:00 pm to today. I will check after work today. Thank you. :blush:

You mentioned biometrics which means you did not use the UK ID APP option. With the app, you do not need to go for biometrics again. That is what I want to confirm.

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