Stage 2 Application


I have got stage 1 endorsement. Now I am preparing for the Stage 2. Tomorrow I have an appointment at TLSContact( ). I have doubts if I am doing everything correct or not.

Up to Now.

  • I have filled Stage2 document.
  • I have paid Health Insurance and BRP fee.
  • I have got an appointment from TLSContact site for tomorrow.
  • I will upload my endorsement letter and passport to TLSContact upload site.
  • I will go to the appointment with my document checklist file and Passport.

Is there anything else that I should do or is there anything that I do wrong?

I have read messages in the forum that says they use UKVCAS. But I didn’t use or see it anywhere. Rather, home office application site forwarded me to the TLSContact site. I am from out of UK. Is this related to that?

Is there any other document that I should upload?

Thanks in advance

Didn’t you get a list of what you need for your visa application?

Himm, I am not sure. Anyway, I already have given my biometrics. So I will wait and see.

nothing to worry about.