Stage 2 application: Endorsing body letter

Stage 2 Application:

Endorsing body

Have you provided a letter of endorsement from an endorsing body?
Yes or No?

Yes. Print the endorsement email you got from home office

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I have my appointment tomorrow! Other than passport/brp/letter from home office, do I need to bring other documents? Not sure what to expect

@stuck10, I am assuming you’ve already uploaded the docs on the UKVCAS site?
If so, all you need is your passport and BRP.
(If you are applying from within the UK.)

No, I haven’t uploaded anything

hello, starting to get confused for tomorrow… which documents do i need to bring?? I haven’t uploaded anything to the site. TYVM @VM23 @Francisca_Chiedu

I have passport, BRP, Endorsing letter - do i need anything else printed?

Sorry, just seeing this. That should be enough. Good luck!

It was! Just a note to others who upload their documents last minute, make sure to upload the front and back of your BRP card (if you’re already in the Uk).

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Hi! The final step is:
The checklist of the supporting documents and biometrics:
In supporting documents checklist, it has asked:
Information about your visit
Documents showing any plans you have made, such as:
tour details / flight details / letter of invitation / evidence of sponsor’s
immigration status in the UK
Money (either income or savings)
Documents such as:
Bank statements / bank books / bank letter / balance certificate / tax returns /
crop receipts
Home address
Documents showing where you live, such as:
Property deed / mortgage statements / tenancy agreements / accountant’s
letters / land registration documents
Evidence of assets
Documents showing that you own property or land, such as:
Property deed / mortgage statements / accountant’s letters / land registration

Q: Should I prepare all documents or is a Passport, and Endorsement letter enough including a TB certificate is enough?

(Applying outside the UK)

CC: @Francisca_Chiedu

Hi, what did you end up submitting?

Endorsement email (print of this email)
TB Certificate (as per country)

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